About Avangard Football Academy

Having the right mindset in football and the ability to perform under pressure is vitally important. When was asked “how did you do that*!” I have a common saying with Andrea Pirlo @ “Football is played with your mind. Your feet are just loo/s”. Pirlo is an Italian professional football coach and former player who was most recently the head coach of Juventus club, considered one of the best deep-lying playmakers ever, he was renowned for his vision, ball control, technique, passing, free kick ability and creativity. It therefore makes sense to train your way of thinking you think so you can really maximise your performances.

Avangards Morals & Values

Sports generally and football specially can teach us morals and values such as:


Sports can help perform better by improving:

Effective and positive communication with other teammates.

Concentration is about blocking out distractions and focusing on whats important.

Confidence is knowing what to think about before and during a match.

Intensity is about playing at your best for the duration of a match and during training.

Decision Making is about being able to make the correct decisions quickly and clearly.

Consistency is about playing to your best in training and matches.

Motivation is about having the drive to train at your best.

Learning from your performances to improve for next time.

Attention is having a clear focus on what is important to improve and play better football.

Making sure that the group are united and working together towards a common goal.

Creativity by getting familiar with the ball being in harmony with it creating your own moves, you could have your own signature skills.
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